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Elvaria Impressa 515 $5000-$6000

At just 6000, the new Elvaria 515 is certainly one of the most cost effective machines in the market. However can it stand up to the competition in terms of product quality and reliability?

Appearance The Elvaria 515 is pretty normal looking. It has three metal hahdles, a white or black valve body and a stand alone drip tray. On the top is a custimizeable sticker and a vaccume floresccent display. THe whole valve body is inset by about four inches. On the top are two hoppers with metal and built in level sensors. there is no built in hopper agitation so plan on stirring those hoppers once in awhile. Overall the machine looks fairly unassuming with pretty much no design flourishes in the slightest.

Dipensing One of the places where many machines fall down is the dispensing. These days, solid and smooth valves with immediate triggering are the marks of a well made machine. We are happy to report that the 515 is quite excellent in this regard.

The metal handels smoothly lever up the white valve which almost immediately triggers a singal metal paddel protruding just above the valve body. There is a small "click" and the machine immediately kicks into life. You are then able to determine exactly how much you would like in you cup. One of the minor niggles we had was the amount of noise it produced when beating. It seemed much louder than a normal froyo freezer. This could be due to Elvaria's interesting choice of driving the motor with a belt as opposed to a gear box. Either way, it wascertainly accepatble.

Product The consistancy of the yogurt is fairly good. Elvaria actually offers two types of agitators/beater: one designed to add slighta mounts of ice crystals and one designed to produce more creamy froyo. You can order either one you prefer. The icey beater does indeeed produce icier yogurt which we assume would be better for a store serving sorbets, likewhise the creamy beaater produces creamier yogurt. Either beater combined with Elvarias air tube produces great yogurt definetly up to stoelting and Taylor standards.

One of the key things the 515 is missing is a sleep cycle. Because of this oversight, you will be forced to either drain your machines at night or accept that the next morning the stabilizers(what gives the froyo its stiff shape) will be significantly broken down.

ProblemsProbably the main problem we had with the 515 is a strange error called "NL". When this appears on the screen you are forced to unplug you machine and wait for around five minutes. OUr engineers determinded that this problem is due the yogurt becoming too hard in teh cylindar. While we had the machine this problem appeared only once in eight hours. Given it has such an easy fix as opposed to a coolant leak, etc. we would be inclined to overlook it when making a decision.


Product Offerings: Low or Non-fat Soft Serve Ice Cream, Custard, Yogurt, and Sorbet

Freezing Cylinder: One, 3.7 quart (3.2 liters)

Mix Hopper: One, 18 quart

Optional ADA Compliant Handle

Summary Although it has a few slight problems, the Elvaria 515 is an amazing amchine for just $6000. It is as good as the Taylor and Stoelting's offerings in many regards and even outclasses them in some. If we were opening a yogurt shop today, we would be forced to consider this as our machines.

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